Jan 03

Inspiring Interview with Chef Tiffany Derry

In an exclusive interview, Chef Tiffany Derry tells Libby what it takes to be successful. Chef Tiffany Derry talks about the sacrifices she made along the way to reach the pinnacle that she set for herself. Even after reaching her goal she continues to work hard, learn, and grow!

 Sit back and listen to her story that is both inspiring and entertaining.

Call this more of a chat rather than official interview! Thank you Chef Tiffany for the opportunity!


Chef Tiffany’s hard work pays off and she does her best to live the timeless life. If you were to ask her what is her secret to success, you will hear repeat over and over again the time she invested in herself. 

How much do you invest in yourself? How much time do you invest in yourself to better your future for yourself and for your family? Focus on moving forward. The present has now become the past. What positive mark did you leave? 





Dec 30

It’s All In The Tone

While email and text are a great way to get your message to someone fairly quickly, it is also one of the most one of worst ways to express how you really feel! I have heard this over and over again when it  comes to email/text “That’s not what I meant!” or “You completely missed what I was trying to say.” Never fails.

There needs to be a new way for the reader to read these messages. Instead of reading it in a negative way, try reading in a more encouraging way, less harsh. It’s also up to the writer to add words, images, or whatever they feel they should add to make the message sound more softer than how it may across. I do need to add that if you are actually trying to argue over text, it might be better to actually set the phone aside. In the moment of anger we may send something via text/email that we actually do not mean. You can’t take words back.

Another suggestion is READ what you typed out and see how you would receive your own message. This is actually a huge issue as more and more people decide to text/email instead of actually picking up the phone to call the person.

If you care enough about a relationship, then you will put the extra effort in to make sure your message is sent with the correct tone. You will also go to the extent of picking up the phone calling that person to say what you need to say.

Dec 29

Top 5 New Year Resolutions

As 2014 winds down, a lot of us are prepping our minds for the NEW YEAR or atleast we should be. 

The new thing is to not make any New Year Resolutions and just dive in full into the new year. I would like to suggest that you have an idea of things you want to try and make better? 

While 2014 and the years before may have brought you some challenges, here you are still standing today all because you pushed yourself to get through each today. 

We often think of the bigger picture and overlook the little goals that we do accomplish. To get started ask yourself what do you want your end-result to be for 2015? Once you have figured out that out then it’s a matter of breaking it up into smaller pieces and making attainable goals all leading towards the big goal that will deliver the end result you are looking for. 

Below are the top 5 new year resolutions that are common: 

1. Give more!  Everybody says they want to do be able to do give back and make a difference. You don’t have to wait till you are able to make a huge impact to make some crazy positive difference. Even the smallest little thing you do has a great ripple affect.  

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Dec 16


When going through the storms in your life, sometimes you need to tell yourself that you can do this. Tell yourself that you woke up this morning and you are given another chance at life and this storm that you are going through will pass. It will pass. 

Going through difficult situations awakens every part of us and we can either have a defeated mind or choose to push through the muddy waters in hopes that we will soon reach the top and come up for air. 

In the past I have said that nothing stays permanent forever. When we are going through something difficult our negative side says, “This situation will never change” or “this is my life”. 

Push through it. Do not let the self-defeated talk make you lose your hope and faith. A situation changes based on the effort we put in to change it. If fear is holding you back then ask yourself “How badly do you want to stay in your current situation that is dragging you down?” If your desire, your need to change is greater than just a “want of a change” then you will find a way to make way for things to happen to change your life for the better. 

My parents have always told me, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. 



Dec 12


Welcome! To the relaunch of The Timeless Life! 

Our readers are looking to live a timeless life while causing positive ripple effects! Our readers want to work to elevate themselves and their family and friends. The Timeless Life is here to provide a difference aspect to encourage our readers to keep moving forward even when the path is hard to see. 

When you are trying to elevate yourself to the next level you begin to look around to see who is living a the lifestyle that you want to live. The word “lifestyle” is not only  referring to the rich and famous, but in general a life that you imagined for yourself. A life that is around the mission of helping people in a 3rd world country to a CEO sitting in an office with his feet propped up (exaggeration). 

Either way, we want to learn about these people. What are they doing different that we can start to do? What is their schedule like every day? The question that we also need to ask is, “What obstacles did these individuals overcome to get to where they are today?” It’s hard to find those answers because not everyone lays out the details of their life openly. 

The answer to this is, when you are faced with a difficult situation in your life it will either make you or break you. You are a lot stronger than you think you are. It is in those difficult times your true character and strength come out. Once you have passed through the hurdle you are stronger as a person. This strength contributes to your ability to push forward and build the kind of life you want to live. 

A part of living the timeless life, is living the life you were called to be. In order to live the life you were called to live you must believe that you will be able to pick yourself when you are knocked down. You must have a faith the size of a mustard seed that gives you hope that each day you are moving forward to a better life. 


Dec 03

Educate Yourself

When the people decide that education is not the key to their future it is the beginning of a downfall.

If an individual wants to better their life, their family lifestyle, and their community how will they be able to do it without a strong foundation? There is a lot that goes into laying down a good foundation. Aside from family support, we need to focus on educating ourselves and keeping our knowledge up to date even once we are out of college.  There is not a cut off age to stop learning in order grow and expand our mind and view. 

Look at yourself and decide how you can elevate yourself. What can you do to put yourself in a position to encourage and help those who are trying to build themselves up? 

Educate yourself not just in Math and Science, but also in Art. This might sound far-fetched for a lot of people, but understanding Art opens our minds to being able to see different aspects of life as well.  

Dec 01

Unexpected Opportunity

The President of a company I used to work for told me that it’s during the bad economic times that people create opportunities which opens doors for other to create opportunities for themselves. This describes the ripple effect. One positive decision has an affect on a lot around you including the people in your life.

Note: You have both good and right intentions the chances of it being successful is greater, but you have to be able to jump over the hurdles.

Nov 27



Be thankful for the little things that occur in our life daily. Even when you feel like nothing has gone your way, be thankful that you have one more day to work towards making it better. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. 

The family at Timeless Life 

Nov 10

Finding Your Strength

Sometimes it is not until we go through some storms that we realize exactly how strong we are inside.

Wouldn’t it be great if no one had to experience any type of storms in their life? Or even better forget everyone else, how about you and I not ever experience storms in our lives? How great would that be? Who cares how strong you are inside? Who cares that your inner strength is what gets you day by day? Who cares that inner strength is what pushes you to go above and beyond and work towards goals and fulfilling our calling. Who really cares?

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Sep 20

It’s Their Journey, Not Your Journey


The first thing you need to understand is that someone else’s journey is not your journey. We spend so much time wanting what others have and we fail to realize that it may not be the right thing for us. We look at how well things are going for those around us and want the same for our own life. 

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