Being open to change

We ask for change, we pray for change, but when change comes along we become resistant to it. Most of the time change pushes us out of our comfort zone and take us to another level where the uncertainty becomes greater. Change in life comes in different forms, and in most cases it forces us to grow.

This change comes unexpectedly and we are faced with either living in the past before the change happened or picking ourselves up and moving forward. Neither are easy decisions to make.

Just for right now, let’s take time out of the equation, I believe a person should face and accept the change when they are ready.  Your heart and mind will tell you when you have avoided to make necessary changes in your life to move forward and you actually have an inner struggle and feel a bit of unhappiness. When you go through this, ask yourself, is accepting the new change going to better your lifestyle, help those around you, will it allow you to see things and feel things differently.

Right now, for a moment, don’t think about the unexpected changes that you were forced to experience and accept. Think about moving forward. The unexpected changes is an area that I get asked a lot about, so I want to make sure that when I do write about it— well it will make sense.

Focus on moving forward. Imagine once you have moved forward the liberation you may feel that kept from experiencing the blessings that were meant for you once you took that next step.



5 Life Changing Actions to Creating an Opportunity

People are waiting for that one great opportunity that will land in their lap and life will change for the better. Although times have changed, how an opportunity comes about has not changed. A very small percentage of people have opportunities handed to them, but for the rest of us we have to create our own opportunity. Here are 5 Life Changing Actions that you should focus on:

1. Focus: Successful people will tell you that they focused on what they were building. If you need to raise resources to bring a project alive then your focus will be on how to generate revenue in order to bring your vision alive. When you focus you start to think of ideas and strategize through collaboration as you build your team. When you work towards your goal you will be surprised at unexpected opportunities that will come your way.

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For The Greater Good

Being in a position to reach a group or a mass of people is a very powerful position. That person is considered to be a leader or a role model.  Whether you reach 5, 10, 15, or even a 100 people you have the same responsibility  as the one that reaches millions of people. I like to consider that anyone with a Facebook account is in some sort of position of influence. The things that you say will either be uplifting or  may have a negative effect, but know that it will have an impact on atleast one person reading your status. I wanted to bring awareness to your role in todays events. Countries all over the world are going through some form of turmoil that splits families and friends. Where do you fall in all this?

When you come across a situation that the media is presenting, you can approach it by being encouraging and bring positivity and peace or you can add fuel to the flaming fire. Does this mean we need to all close our eyes? Absolutely not! 

It means that you look at the situation and then realize the impact that your words will have. Ask yourself are you adding fuel to the fire to make a positive change or is it only going to increase the negative emotions of people? Your words are a powerful along with your actions. Whether you state your opinion on a social media platform or just to your group of friends, know that it will make an impression on someone who is able to hear you. 

What I Have Learned…

What I have learned and I am still learning is that life is short and time doesn’t wait. So what do you do? Each day you wake up, it’s a gift, so be thankful. It’s an opportunity to create a new and happy memory and also a chance to make a small difference in someone else’s life.


When you have an “out-of-the-box” vision for yourself, it’s difficult to get people on board to support you. 

1.  Your vision is risky and not safe.

2. How will you make money?

3. What’s your back-up plan?

The list of questions and negative responses about your vision goes on and on. There are plenty of questions that can create the fear of uncertainty, but when it comes to making a decision about the direction of your life, you are the one to be held accountable.

It is easy for me to say the basic motivational things, but we need to take it one step further. If you believe in a Higher Being, then get down on your knees and talk it out with the Silent Listener. There is something about praying that I find comforting. Sometimes by talking it out you start to realize things that you may not have before. You may even feel more strengthened by doing so.

I would like to add two more questions to your decision making process: What positive impact is your decision going to make for your family and yourself? Exactly what is your plan?

Fighting the Urge



I lost count the number of  times I said I would give up cupcakes. It’s my weakness. I mean think about it, they are small and so pretty. Some are so pretty that you do not want to eat it, okay that’s a lie. None of us are limited to just one weakness or temptation, and we know it’s bad for us, yet we still give in. 

I decided that I would give up cupcakes and not because it is Lent season, but because it is something there are  absolutely no health benefits what-so-ever. I admire the individuals that are able to give up things cold-turkey. “I can stop anytime” they say, well good for you. The rest of us have to constantly be aware of what we are doing, our trigger points, the environment that we are in that may lead to that temptation, I mean it is a lot of work. 

The Next Steps: 

When you decide to make a change in your life for the better, it takes work. It takes dedication, commitment to yourself and constant positive thinking that you are doing this to enhance your life, you are doing this to better your health, your lifestyle. When we give in to temptations, we get that good feeling for a moment. In that moment we are taken to this little place of happiness, but it’s when that moment has passed that you start to feel guilty and you realize exactly how bad it was for you. 

It’s easy to make a decision, but to follow thru on it, is hard. When the temptation comes around the corner, the first few times it will be hard to say no.There will be inner conflict on what you should do, but be strong, and distract yourself and say “no”. Eventually it will become a part of you and you are slowly heading towards making your lifestyle better. 

Moving Forward:

Clearly, I picked cupcakes to bring up the topic of temptations. No one will say it will be an easy journey when letting go of things that make us weak, but you will come out on top. If you fall, pick yourself back up, till you are able to maintain a steady pace towards true and healthy happiness. What works for me, is praying. Reaching out to a higher being, God, and asking for strength to get you through those times helps. You will find that sometimes all you really needed was a silent listener. 


**Side note: I actually gave all 3 cupcakes away! 🙂

Inspiring Interview with Chef Tiffany Derry

In an exclusive interview, Chef Tiffany Derry tells Libby what it takes to be successful. Chef Tiffany Derry talks about the sacrifices she made along the way to reach the pinnacle that she set for herself. Even after reaching her goal she continues to work hard, learn, and grow!

 Sit back and listen to her story that is both inspiring and entertaining.

Call this more of a chat rather than official interview! Thank you Chef Tiffany for the opportunity!


Chef Tiffany’s hard work pays off and she does her best to live the timeless life. If you were to ask her what is her secret to success, you will hear repeat over and over again the time she invested in herself. 

How much do you invest in yourself? How much time do you invest in yourself to better your future for yourself and for your family? Focus on moving forward. The present has now become the past. What positive mark did you leave? 





It’s All In The Tone

While email and text are a great way to get your message to someone fairly quickly, it is also one of the most one of worst ways to express how you really feel! I have heard this over and over again when it  comes to email/text “That’s not what I meant!” or “You completely missed what I was trying to say.” Never fails.

There needs to be a new way for the reader to read these messages. Instead of reading it in a negative way, try reading in a more encouraging way, less harsh. It’s also up to the writer to add words, images, or whatever they feel they should add to make the message sound more softer than how it may across. I do need to add that if you are actually trying to argue over text, it might be better to actually set the phone aside. In the moment of anger we may send something via text/email that we actually do not mean. You can’t take words back.

Another suggestion is READ what you typed out and see how you would receive your own message. This is actually a huge issue as more and more people decide to text/email instead of actually picking up the phone to call the person.

If you care enough about a relationship, then you will put the extra effort in to make sure your message is sent with the correct tone. You will also go to the extent of picking up the phone calling that person to say what you need to say.